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** Cigol Controls - VCP-610 **

The VCP-610 is the latest design of 2U 19 inch rack mounting vacuum pumping station controllers from Cigol Controls Ltd. Including all of the features of the established VCP-600 the unit also includes complete in-the-field reprogramming and an improved RS232 interface protocol.


VCP-610 - Pump Station Controller

The VCP-610 is a complete standalone pump station controller with interfaces to allow convenient monitoring and control of pump station status.

Download a summary of the VCP-610 features (s661900.pdf - 24kb)

Photograph of VCP_610


Photograph of VCP_610 (rear view)


VCP-700 - Pump Station Controller

The VCP-700 pump station controller is designed for tight integration with the WAVE vacuum control software developed by Cigol Controls for Wordentec Limited. It is closely related to the VCP-610 but is supplied with a blank front panel. All control of the pumpstation is achieved using controls on the WAVE software package.

Click here for more information on the WAVE control software


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