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** VCP-600 / VCP-601 / VCP-602 / VCP-603 - Cigol Controls Ltd **

The VCP-600 (together with it's very close relatives the VCP-601 and VCP-602) were our best selling vacuum control system during the 1990's. The VCP-600 was designed with Balzers PC101 compatible connectors. Although we no longer manufacture these products (because the case used is expensive to source) we now manufacture the VCP-603 which is an electronic equivalent device in a similar 2U 19 inch rack but with a brushed aluminium finish rather than the textured grey paint finish of the VCP-600.


VCP-602 - Pump Station Controller

The VCP-602 is a complete standalone pump station controller with interfaces to allow convenient monitoring of pump station status.

Download a summary of the VCP-602 features (s569938.pdf - 30kb)

Photograph of VCP_602


Photograph of VCP_602 (rear view)


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