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Examples of Successfully Designed, Manufactured and Commissioned Products of Cigol Controls Ltd.

1) Automatic Loading - Gripping Controller.

Two stepping motors are used to position mounting jaws suitable for loading a component being manufactured for use in the aerospace industry. Each motor is driven to pre-set points according to signals received from other parts of the manufacturing process, to allow simple loading and unloading of components. Manual adjustment of each pre-set point is available. Each pre-set point is held in CMOS battery backed RAM.

2) Complex Vacuum Coating Plant Controller.

The pumping of a vacuum coating vessel using a combination of mechanical rotary pumps, 'Roots' pumps and vapour diffusion pumps, together with the associated vacuum valves is automatically controlled. The microprocessor ensures that each pump is only used during its most efficient pressure region, and maintains full safety interlocks. Automatic indication of faulty pumpstand components is provided through a liquid crystal alpha-numeric display. The controller also interfaces with the evaporation system, allowing multi-layer coatings to be easily and consistently produced.

3) Burst Fire Timers for the Knitting Trade.

A series of timing units to provide burst fire control of a pneumatic cleaning system for hosiery machines. A 10% increase in productivity since installation has been reported.

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